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自从FMG集团在西澳州皮尔巴拉地区(Pilbara)发现世界级铁矿石资源那一刻起,就改写了整个行业的历史。FMG自2003年创办以来,已从 普通探矿企业,发展成为全球第四大铁矿石生产商。FMG意识到亚洲的巨大潜力,随着亚洲的经济规模与实力不断发展,FMG也在取得同步增长。FMG作为标 普/澳交所20股票指数成员现已经成为铁矿石生产及海运贸易领域无可置疑的世界领袖之一。


2006年,FMG的首座矿山断云开工建设,与此同时,连接断云与黑德兰港及艾丽特港世界一流设施的256公里铁路也开始铺设。FMG的增长速度是 史无前例的,公司在两处枢纽地区建设了四座矿山,总年产能达到1.55亿吨;公司拥有全球速度最快、载重量最大的铁路网络,每天共有13列长达2.7公里 的矿车将32880吨矿石由矿区运送至港口;公司的港口设施年出口处理量达到1.55亿吨,每艘船装载的铁矿石都足以建设四座悉尼大桥。

FMG继续发展与亚洲合作伙伴的密切关系。公司自2008年5月将第一批铁矿石运至中国最大的钢铁企业宝钢集团以来,已累积供应中国市场3亿多吨铁 矿石,不断满足日益增加的市场需求。FMG还与台湾台塑集团及宝钢集团密切合作,启动皮尔巴拉铁桥项目,该项目预计于2015年初开始投产。


FMG的成功进一步加强了澳大利亚与亚洲合作伙伴,特别是与中国合作伙伴的贸易投资关系。湖南华菱钢铁集团2009年对FMG的投资已成为中国在海 外资源领域开展投资的成功范例。湖南华菱钢铁集团目前是FMG的第二大股东。FMG与亚洲合作伙伴采用双赢合作战略。公司将产品出口至亚洲,特别是中国, 而公司发展扩产所用的原材料设备则来自亚洲,其中很大一部分来自中国。FMG承诺赞助博鳌论坛,表明公司极为重视保持并发展与亚洲人民的对话和关系,而澳 大利亚与FMG都是亚洲的一份子。

A Dynamic Organisation

From the moment Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) discovered world-class deposits of iron ore in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, it has been redefining the industry. Since its formation in 2003, Fortescue has evolved from a grassroots explorer into the world’s fourth largest producer of iron ore. Fortescue recognised the potential of Asia and as the region has grown in size and strength, so too has Fortescue. Listed in the S&P/ASX20 share index, Fortescue has firmly established itself as one of the world's leaders in iron ore production and sea-borne trading.

The New Force in Iron Ore 

Construction began at Fortescue’s first mine, Cloudbreak, in 2006, while work also began on a 256 kilometre rail line from Cloudbreak to Port Hedland and on world class facilities at Herb Elliott Port. Fortescue’s growth has been unprecedented, with the company constructing an additional four mines across two hubs with a total production capacity of 155 million tonnes per annum; it operates the fastest and heaviest rail network in the world where every day 13 trains, each 2.7 kilometres long, transport 32,880 tonnes of ore from mine to port; its port operations have an export capacity of 155 million tonnes a year, with each ship sailing with enough iron ore to build the equivalent of four Sydney Harbour Bridges.

Fortescue continues to build upon its close relationship with its  Asian partners. Since shipping its first cargo of iron ore to Baosteel, one of China’s largest steelmakers, in May 2008, it has accumulatively supplied China with more than 300 million tonnes of iron ore to help meet rising demand. Fortescue is also working closely with Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics Group and Baosteel as construction has commenced on the Iron Bridge Project in the Pilbara with first production targeted for early 2015.

Fortescue is focusing on improving efficiencies and paying down debt. The company has repaid US$3.07 billion of debt since November 2013 and renegotiated lower interest payments on a $5 billion loan, which will save $300 million a year in interest payments and generate greater shareholder value.

Fortescue’s success has strengthened Australia’s trade and investment relations with its Asian partners, particularly China. The Hunan Valin Group’s 2009 investment in Fortescue has been a major success for Chinese investment in the overseas resources sector. Hunan Valin Group is now Fortescue’s second largest shareholder. Fortescue has pursued a win-win approach with its Asian partners. Its products are exported to Asia, particularly China, and much of the materials and equipment imported for its development and expansion come from Asia, including, significantly, China.  Fortescue’s commitment to sponsoring the Boao Forum demonstrates the importance the company attaches to the continued dialogue and strengthening of relationships among the people of Asia where Australia and Fortescue belong.