As the Belt and Road Initiative Presents New Opportunities Overseas, Baosteel is Going Global in a Faster Manner
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The international trains that started from Bayi Iron&Steel station, the tens of thousands of metal cans produced in Vietnam and the processing and distribution center established in Indonesia.... The “Belt and Road” Initiative appeals to those working for Baosteel to go global faster. 

Baogang has been committed to building itself into an international steel enterprise and it keeps adjusting and improving its industrial layout. Domestically. It built Zhanjiang Iron&Steel, and merged with and reconstructed Bayi Iron&Steel and Shaoguan Iron&Steel, initially building the layout covering the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta as well as the Northwest of China. Internationally, it moved from bringing in technologies to participating in international competition. Now it has gradually set up a global marketing network with Europe, Japan, South Korea, the US and Singapore being the centers. It has invested in supply chains of iron and steel in countries and regions such as India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

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